Irene Feleo
Design, Illustration & Animation

Mardicar -, Uber & BMW

Mardigras in Sydney is a pretty big deal - one of the most festive, colourful and exciting times to be in the city! I was super stoked when I was approached by to collaborate with Uber and BMW for a special promotion that celebrates the spirit of Mardigras. 


I was briefed to create three themed illustrated cars that would roam the city during the festive season. Each car is unique with it's own personality.The first car is called Bird's Parade and is pretty much what the title implies - a fabulous parade of birds! I chose to illustrate hyper coloured flamingos, parrots and peacocks with bright feathers and confetti everywhere as a tribute to the festivities that Mardi Gras brings to Sydney. It is a homage to the outrageous costumes and beautiful floats that you can see during the parade.


The second car was based on the idea of Cosmic Love. This theme is all about anything intergalactic and out of this world - I really wanted it to be quite quirky and fun so I created these bizarre alien type characters who are all about spreading love and embracing the unique and different. 

The third car I called Dancing Days. This was pretty much my interpretation of Mardi Gras and some of the characters you could see out on the streets. This theme is all about being yourself, dancing the night away and celebrating individuality.