Irene Feleo
Design, Illustration & Animation

Within - Risograph Zine & Solo Show

WITHIN is my first risograph printed zine and print exhibition - featuring a collection of sequential illustrations I worked on as part of my second solo show at Goodspace in Sydney. 

The 28 page zine consists of a series of sequential illustrations that were created around the idea of the 'quiet scene'. Not much happens between frames, sometimes just the passing of time or a small imprint of change. Focusing on concepts of discovery and connection - these sequential illustrations attempt to convey that weird and calm place between reflection and transformation.  

I did an interview with The Drawing Book Studios about the exhibition which you can check out here.

WITHIN is a limited run of 50 zines printed in two colour risograph. Last 10 copies are available for purchase for $15 by emailing me at irene.feleo (at) if you want one!